Coming to a city near you!…..Salt Lake, that is

Hey guys,
I just wanted to let you know that I’m planning on going to Salt Lake for a few days this week. Here is my plan as of now:

Sunday: Drive down and hang out with my married friends in Taylorsville. That evening, I plan on going to Temple Square with Andy (at least that is the plan for now). If you want to come, please do! The more, the merrier! Afterwards….I don’t know yet.

Monday: No plans. Any ideas? I might hang out with my sister and her husband for a while. Monday is really just open for me.

Tuesday: Open all morning and afternoon. I have a party I’m going to at about 6 that night, and that will take all night.

Wednesday, pack up, go home, and go to work. Sorry, I won’t be able to attend any New Year parties.

If you want to do anything, let me know! I’m open for ideas! Hopefully I’ll see some you soon!


2 Responses

  1. Sarah and I would love to have you over for family night if you’re interested. Email me if you’re free Monday evening.

  2. Hey man, I would totally love to do something…but it’s Tuesday at 630 and you’re at your party. I’ve got another half hour here at work and then a yoga class. I’ll call or text you if I stay the night in SLC and maybe we could do breakfast. I might stay the night in SLC cause I have to work tomorrow morning at the prison. So, hopefully breakfast. Have fun man. Later

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