Feeling Strangely Fine, or Now That She Knows: Part 2

I’m sorry I didn’t ever update what happened after Cookie and talked about my being gay.  Things were good because we were able to be so open and honest with each other.  I loved that.  Things are still good with us.  We are great friends; something more than best friends – but not anything that could work in a married/committed relationship.  We’ve both realized this, and we are no longer dating.  It was a mutual decision, and I actually feel good about it.  I didn’t think I would, but I feel fine.

It is sad because I really hoped that I could make a relationship work.  Maybe someday in the future, but not now.  I’m okay with that.

Thank you for reading and being so supportive.  I love you guys!


One Response

  1. From everything you’ve written and I sensed, I would have predicted this outcome. And I think it’s the right one for you.

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