Put that in your blog!

I’ve had so many things going through my head lately that I want to blog about, and I have even started a few drafts on some of them, but I haven’t been able to complete anything yet.  A lot of the time it is because I don’t know completely how I feel about what I want to say.  So, to give you a preview of things that I want to blog about and you will maybe read, here is my list:

  • Optimistic Realism
  • The Song “Worlds Apart”
  • How Mere Christianity has been one  of the most helpful books in shaping my beliefs and helped me to come to terms with Same Gender Attraction
  • Something about my mission journals….not totally sure what it was I wanted to write about though.  Hmmm….
  • The Awakening by Kate Chopin
  • The importance of being open-minded
  • Getting caught up in the thick of thin things as far as the church goes
  • The “Liahona/Iron Rod” talk
  • Accepting the fact that you are gay does not mean you are giving up
  • A series of posts about why I believe some of the things that I believe
  • My problem with jealousy
  • Why it is ok to be selfish
  • My obsession with balance.  (I could probably write about that forever)
  • My journal entry/nap on the temple lawn today that helped clear my mind about a lot of questions I have had in the last little bit

Some of these may not actually be blogged about just because I don’t know what to say about them, or that I just wanted to throw out the idea here and that is good enough for me.  We’ll see.  The list keeps getting longer and I don’t have enough time/energy to write it all, but hopefully soon.

Now I’m going to go watch “The Next Food Network Star”!  Yes, I am gay.  Thanks for the reminder.


4 Responses

  1. I love Jars of Clay!! Looking forward to that post if you end up doing it.

  2. El Genio, I’ll do it for you!

  3. Can’t wait to read more about the items on your list. You’re a stud. Love you man.

  4. I like the Iron Rod/Liahona talk a lot, that guy has some good articles. We also had a pretty interesting discussion of selfishness in the context of the gospel today in Elders’ Quorum. So yeah, any and all of these could be cool topics, I look forward to whichever you end up blogging about.

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