First, I’m sorry for posting a lot lately.  I want to blog on a regular basis, but I don’t want it to be overwhelming, so I’m trying to have a new post every few days.

I stumbled upon this video the other day and I love it.  It’s from So You Think You Can Dance.  Even though I am gay, I surprisingly haven’t gotten into this show too much.  Anyway, this dance is based on the pain and gravity of addiction.  I think everyone is addicted to at least one thing, and it can be anything.  Television, texting, the internet, gaming, pornography, sex, whatever.  When we depend on something (other than God) to make us feel better, I believe that is an addiction.  For example, using the internet may not be as detrimental as pornography, but it still can influence your interactions with other and put you into an unhealthy mindset.  I don’t need/want to get too far into this, but would rather show you the video that made me start thinking about this.  I think it is so beautiful in its portrayel of how addictions feel.


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  1. Beautiful. I love that song, and the dance was an interesting and intense interpretation. Muy cool.

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