A Post About a Poem I Wrote. Yes.

I don’t really write poetry much, but sometimes when I have intense feelings about a paricular subject or subjects, I pick up a pen and stuff just comes out.  And every once in a while, I like what I read.

A few years ago, I was in an English class called “Modern American Literature”.  At the point that I wrote this poem, we were studying T.S. Eliot.  I love his poem “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock“.  There is a lot about this poem that I could talk about, but I won’t – at least not now.

His Poem (or series of poems, I suppose) “The Wasteland” is not one of my favorites.  My professor had us read it, but she said that we got all we needed (and all that we would probably be able to understand) from the title.  The poem is a jumbled mess full of craziness that doesn’t make much sense.  Eliot not only wrote a confusing poem, but included footnotes that are equally confusing.  Really, the title of the poem is all you need.

Anyway, I had a lot of thoughts running through my head while I was studying Eliot.  I thought a lot about his poetry and what it meant, politics (I was in a class where we discussed politics and government quite a lot), and homosexuality – but not really my homosexuality.  I was thinking more about others views of homosexuality, particularly in the church.  Most of all, though, I was thinking a lot about close mindedness and how much I don’t like that.  All of this added up to some built up emotions that exploded out in the form of a poem, somewhat similar to Eliot,  (not that I think I’m anywhere near par to Eliot, it is just a similar style to his).

So, I’m stretching myself by doing this.  I’m going to actually publish my poem online.  I have only showed it to a few people, and I haven’t received any kind of response.  Just a “hmmm….” and a “that’s interesting.”, and other similar comments. Some people have tried to get me to change some of the lines and wording, but I have put certain words in particular orders for a reason.  I have purposely combined words, avoided punctuation, and used run-on sentences.

I know it probably doesn’t make sense, and I don’t expect anyone to love it or to make sense of it.  If you find personal meaning in it, awesome.  If not, pass it off and forget it. I don’t plan to explain the meaning of each of the stanzas and lines (because they all have their own meaning) or to make confusing footnotes to this.  I do this in hopes that you can examine the poem and find what it means for you.

I’m really nervous about posting it because it is mine and I feel like it is a part of me, but I do want to share it.  So here it is.  WordPress won’t let me use the spacing I want, so I’ve added a (*) to create a space between the lines that should have spaces.

how dare you

say that i live in a bubble

sheltered life


i see wide open


my mind races with your thoughts

you and your


that are nothing more than a feeble


attempting to know


get itself

forcefully at what i am


i see wide open


that girl

that girl that is behind me

making absurd remarks

and wild hand motions

is the girl that is


they can deal with it


and my isms

they can deal with it


they’re all going to hell no they’re not they’re sinners don’t say that it’s true shut up


they don’t understand


i don’t but


i see wide open


5 Responses

  1. I like it a lot, Mr. Eliot. Prufrock the gay Mormon BYU student. Very nice!

    (FWIW, I was an English major and love T.S. Eliot)

  2. Jeff. I love this. A lot.

    Which is to be expected.

  3. I think its gorgeous. That’s the word that comes to my mind. Exquisite emotions.

  4. Nicely done. A friend of mine once explained to me why she prefers poetry over prose. Poetry is much more flexible in the minds of the readers. It’s less concrete and so each person is able to read it and get what they need to from it. I like your poem:)

  5. Deep. I like it.

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