My Mom’s Funny Joke

My mom is a funny lady.  She is so kind and loving.  She also swears.  She is one of the most realistic people I have ever met.  My mom and I have a lot in common.  Sometimes though, she surprises me with some of the things she says.  Yesterday was a day that she surprised me.

Right now, Robert is living with us (yes, I still live at home, but my mom said I have one year to grow up and move out for good).  It is fun to have him around and he says he enjoys living with us, which I hope is true because we love having him here.  Anyway….

Our neighbor has noticed him coming in and out of the house.  She mentioned this to my mom and said something like, “Oh does your daughter have a new boyfriend?”.  My mom told her that he was just living with us for a while, but in her mind said “He is not my daughers boyfriend!”  Oh mom….

By the way, Robert and I are not dating.  Just for the record.


I’ve had a lot I’ve wanted to blog about lately but a lot of what I’ve wanted to blog about involves my new job and I can’t blog about it because of confidentiality issues.  It is a little frustrating because I want to share so much of what I’m learning with others, but I can’t.  Luckilly Robert works with me, so I’m able to talk to him about it, so that is nice.

I have, however, thought of some new things that I want to blog about and will do so soon.  Hopefully I can remember everything I want to say about these things!


One Response

  1. What:?! You and Robert aren’t dating? That’s not what……………just kidding! I love your mom. She is funny and so loving and caring. I am a bit ticked that I drove all the way to Logan only to find out that she hadn’t saved me any pie. I guess I’ll have to take that up with her.

    Both you and Robert are good men, and I appreciation your association.

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