The newspaper at Utah State University has found me and is doing an article on my “story” and my blog.  Someone (I don’t know who) told the editor about my blog, and the editor gave the assignment to a writer that writes a lot about the gay community and gay rights.  After this writer read through my blog, he realized he knew that I was the author (and he already knew I’m gay, so it wasn’t a big deal).  So we set up an interview, and it is being published in the newspaper on Monday!  I’m really excited about it and I’ll post it up here when I can!


13 Responses

  1. where’s the article? I WANNA READ IT NOW!

  2. Well, Good work! You’re published!

  3. It should be on Monday

  4. That’s great! Hopefully your experiences can help out a lot of others as well.

  5. Congrats! That’s very cool.

  6. I’ll bet the writer feels a little bit of pressure now that all of your blog followers are going to be reading the story! 😉

  7. Awesome! You’re brave!

  8. Hidden in the Light didn’t go out and ask to be published, they found him. Well, hopefully, what they write about will shed some light on the gay parade that is going on in logan…perhaps they aren’t all the hidden after all….

  9. Good point. I’ve noticed our parade isn’t as populous as it could be. Perhaps one day we’ll catch more media attention — that attention for which we painstakingly search. One day, if we are lucky, and if people continue to join our parade by the masses, we’ll get an article in the Herald Journal, Salt Lake Tribune, and by some miracle we could even make it huge in the New York Times.

  10. Its like they say Ryan :), fish don’t get caught unless they open their mouth. Open wide! I guess that is the most of a miracle you could ask for…getting mormon clad members to care about people who seemed to not care about themselves and the esteem them as pioneers in the great plan of happiness. Good luck dragging all the people who care about you down in the mud with you…publically. 🙂

  11. I guess you’ve been caught then — looks like we’ve got something in common. And although this online banter is engaging and presents an opportunity for me to develop a little more character and Christian good-will, let’s both grow up a little. Yes, I include myself in that — I’ve been harsh with you in the past and I actually feel bad about that. I’m willing to give you the benefit of the doubt, however, forget the harsh words we’ve exchanged, and move forward with a little more kindness. I hope you will do the same.

  12. where was this article? i never saw it?

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