Not Published….Yet

So, an update for those of you that were expecting a post yesterday about the article about my blog.

My friend that wrote the article texted me Sunday night to inform me that they decided to postpone printing the article for a few weeks so that they can expand it and cover other areas of the MoHo world, from Evergreen to gay mormons that have left the church.  So, please be patient!  It will come out (haha) soon!


7 Responses

  1. That’s cool that they want to wait and expand it. Look at you shaking it up in Logan.

  2. You failed to mention that you didn’t want to give your name out. You wanted to remain a secret…at least your name. Honestly, I don’t know why you would care about hidding your name. Afterall, most people you associate with already know your ‘secret’. The loganside as it were, is at your moms house. The guy who did the article knew who it was the moment he read your blog. I think you should probably be more honest about the REAL reasons why they didn’t print it.

  3. Princess,

    I have avoided replying to your comments for a long time, but I feel like I should for this one.

    The reason this article wasn’t published is because of what I said in this post. They wanted to expand this article.

    And yes, I do want to keep my identity and “secret” somewhat of a secret, at least when it is being published that publicly. If someone were to come up to me and ask me directly “are you gay?” I would say yes. I may expose a lot of my life online and keep my identity secret, but I don’t parade the fact that I am gay to the public. There is a difference that you obviously don’t see.

    Stop assuming you know what is going on. Not everyone that I know ‘knows’ about me. Yes, a lot do, but I have purposely chosen to not tell everyone that I know. The guy that read my blog and knew that it was me just by reading it actually knew for other reasons that it was me. In fact, he knew it was me before he read my blog.

    I think YOU should probably be more and honest and REAL about why you write what you do on my blog and on others. If you are so ready to tell me to out myself, why don’t you take the same advice? Why don’t you reveal who you REALLY are? Come on, tell us your name! Tell us why you insist on putting us down! Tell us who you really are.

    Although, I think I already know, and it isn’t just that you are a jackass.

  4. …LOL…I don’t really know who you are or any of the other people that I have posted comments on. And yes, I did assume a lot of information about you by reading what you had to say clear from 2008. Assumptions about you wasn’t really hard to do with you, you are so transparent, same with the others I have commented on. Don’t feel picked on, you’re not that unique. Your issues aren’t that amazing. Though your delusional behavior is quite funny to read about.

    My real name is Sarah Milton. I’m a swimmer and I live in the east coast. I chose the screen name because Celestial refers to the sky, heaven, godly and princess because what girl doesn’t want to be a princess, innocent….I guess I have more balls than you! Find me if you can?! My email addy is sarah.milton21@gmail.

  5. Celestial-

    I am a girl who does not want to be a Princess. Also, what joy comes from picking on others? Especially when you don’t even “know” these boys. Really, you live on the East Coast, huh? That’s funny, because you IP Address shows you are in Logan. Innocent?

    Seriously, you preach of how everyone should live, like it is easy to be perfect. Trust me, I would not even attempt to put myself in that category. I love that I am not perfect, because I am owning up to that responsibility. I do not go to church, I do not follow the “rules”, but I love myself because I am being true to myself. And I am happy. Sure, you may claim that this is due to Satan having a hold on my life, but honestly I feel that God continues to love me and knows that I am doing what I honestly feel I should.

    I am not hiding behind a perfect shell like you seem to be. I let my flaws be known and I love others’ flaws. If you choose to only associate with “celestial people” such as yourself, this world is sure going to be a lonely place, and you will find that you have a bunch of friends who are liars.

    I do not wish to start anything, but I don’t appreciate seeing your comments on so many of my friends blogs trying to tear them down. And although I do not know you, I will give you an honest chance if we ever do meet. Would you do the same?


  6. Fruit Fly K,

    IP addresses can be faked?! Silly girl. I don’t know of any girl who wouldn’t want to be a princess…unless she was a lesbian…a fat, manly, brutish woman who felt she could play in the mud like the boys do. Even better was if you claimed to be ‘bi’. Now that is another issue all together. I will have to give you some credit. You seem to have some balls. Naturally, you probably are already more of a man than your friends, in more ways than one.

    There isn’t anything wrong with writing an opinion. You stated yours and naturally I have too. Why you people feel so threatened by my mere opinions is of no consequence of mine. Obviously if the truth didn’t hurt, I would get all these nasty attacks about my integrity! Clearly I’m not the one who has problems with whether or not I have integrity. But misery loves company. I know God loves you. He loves us all. Whether he trusts you is quite a different story.

    It was so nice to hear from you K.

  7. Dear Princess,

    Thank you for sharing your opinions. Since we seem to live so far away from each other I have a gut feeling we may never cross paths. This is unfortunate, for you will never know what type of girl I am. Have a beautiful life.

    With much sincerity,


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